Delicious Pasta Delivery Near Me

Best Pasta Delivery Near Me

You can order a variety of dishes for delivery from Rezdora, including tender anolini in Parmesan cream sauce and spinach cappelletti stuffed with leeks. This Flatiron spot serves the kind of pasta you’ll never be able to recreate at home.

Almost everybody loves pasta, and New York is brimming with options to sample. From swanky restaurants to neighborhood favorites, here are some of the best places for delivery near me pasta.


Ruby’s is Seaside’s go-to place for food and fun. It offers luscious, juicy gourmet burgers, crispy fries, frosty shakes, hot dogs, and plenty of surprises. Plus, it offers indoor and outdoor seating.

Ruby’s is a high-energy, high-style restaurant serving timeless Italian techniques, culinary presentations and progressive handcrafted cocktails in a sexy cosmopolitan atmosphere. Located in the Short North Arts District across from the convention center, it’s open for dinner daily.


If you love Italian food, there is no better place than Eataly to satisfy your cravings. With 35 locations around the world, this gastronomic mecca is a must-see for any pizza enthusiast or food adventurer. Each bite of cheese ravioli is like an explosion of happiness in your mouth, and the savory meat dishes will have your taste buds singing operas.

While the store has a lot to offer, it’s clear that it is still growing and undergoing some growing pains. The lines to enter are long, and there are hourlong waits to be seated at the restaurants. However, the staff is friendly and helpful.


No Italian meal is complete without the eponymous ammazzacaffe, or “coffee killer,” an end-cap of an herbal and pleasantly bitter-sweet digestivo that perks you up after a big meal and smooths your palate. It’s a tradition that Gary Tackett and Hau have embraced at this warm Williamsburg Italian restaurant, which recently earned Michelin’s Bib Gourmand award.

The menu, which veers from classic dishes to more adventurous ones, is served in a big space with high ceilings, tile floors, and candlelit tables. Amaro, the vast sub-category of liqueurs that make up the digestivo category, pairs surprisingly well with the restaurant’s embarrassment of glutenous riches, including garganelli smothered in a pork ragu ($20) and a complex spinach gemelli verde with maitakes and goat cheese ($24). The bar also serves over 60 different wines.

Fiaschetteria Pistoia

While this city is teeming with Italian and “Italian American” restaurants (and whatever subgenre those corner slice joints fall into), it takes a lot to stand out. Even more, it’s rare to find a place that feels downright transportive – and yet Fiaschetteria Pistoia does exactly that.

Located on 11th Street and Avenue C, this cozy Tuscan joint is the kind of place that lets you imagine a different life – one in which you work hard during the day and then spend the evening drinking wine with friends at a homey restaurant.

The wine here is served in a traditional straw-covered glass bottle with a long neck known as a fiasco. A server brings over the antique metal caddy full of bottles, and you simply pick the one that suits your mood.


Despite the dinky plank floors and cramped two-tops, Rezdora, which opened in 2019, has earned a reputation as a destination for precise rustic Italian cooking. Chef Stefano Secchi, a native of Sardinia who worked at Massimo Bottura’s triple-Michelin-starred Osteria Francescana in Modena, brings to New York the cuisine of Emilia Romagna, “Italy’s breadbasket.” From meat-stuffed anolini dumplings to faithfully executed ragus, his pastas have a homey charm.

The $90 tasting menu focuses entirely on pasta, and there are no fanciful appetizers or intermezzos. Even a simple course of Creekstone beef, named “Cow Walking Through Forest in Emilia,” packs a straightforward bovine punch, while the green cappelletti (“little hats”) with roasted leeks and earthy mushroom puree is named for a Modenese grandmother’s stroll through the woods.


Amici is a family-owned Italian restaurant located in the heart of Kenmore. The restaurant features a modern, upscale atmosphere and offers private spaces for both large and small groups. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable about their homemade sauces. The restaurant also serves a variety of pasta dishes, pizza, salads, and sandwiches.

Whether you’re looking for perfectly cooked Caesar salads, chicken marsala, or steaks, Amici has something to please any palate. The menu is complemented by great desserts, gelato, and cannolis. In addition, this eatery also offers a selection of wines and martinis. This is a perfect place to relax with friends and enjoy great food.

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